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Gold Taki

Gold Taki is how users can show appreciation for content on Taki. It is very similar to "Likes" on other social platform.
Giving a Gold Taki requires the giver to pay 2 $TAKI. That $TAKI is then split amongst the person who posted the content as well as all users that hold the poster's User Coin. Specifically, the poster always gets 50% of the Gold Taki, and the remainder is distributed proportionally to the top 500 users who owned the highest amount of the poster's User Coin at the beginning of the day.
$TAKI from Gold Taki is paid out the next day after the reset time (i.e., midnight UTC).
If you see content that you like, send over some Gold Taki. Daily Tasks offer rewards for giving and receiving Gold Taki. Don't be stingy!