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Taki Wallet

Your Taki profile consists of a Taki Wallet that you can use to view your $TAKI and User Coin holdings. You can buy and sell User Coins from your Taki Wallet, as well as deposit and withdraw $TAKI directly to your Solana Wallet (Exchange, Phantom, etc).

Depositing Tokens

$TAKI and $sRLY tokens stored in your Phantom wallet can be deposited into Taki. Once deposited, $TAKI tokens can be used to purchase User Coins, giving Gold Taki or staking. $sRLY tokens can be used for staking.
Depositing tokens may take some time to appear within your Taki wallet while the blockchain transaction is executed.

Withdrawing Tokens

$TAKI Tokens

$TAKI tokens stored within your Taki wallet may be withdrawn to a Solana wallet of your choice. When withdrawing $TAKI, you may be subject to daily and lifetime limits.
Daily limits vary based on user levels:
User Level
Daily Limit ($TAKI)
Silver and lower
Lifetime limits are subject to KYC checks (coming soon!). If KYC has not been completed, a Taki user is limited to withdrawing $100 USD or the amount of $TAKI that the user has deposited (whichever value is higher).

$sRLY Tokens

$sRLY stored can be withdrawn from Taki to your preferred Solana wallet. Withdrawing $sRLY is not subject to withdrawal limits or transaction fees.

Token Accounts

In some instances, your request to withdraw $TAKI to your wallet may fail because the $TAKI token account on your wallet is no longer available. To resolve this, you will need to send some $TAKI from another source you own to your desired wallet in order to create the token account. Once the token account exists in your wallet, you can withdraw $TAKI from Taki to your wallet again.