What is Taki?
Taki is a global social network where anyone can earn social crypto tokens simply by participating within the community. Users can earn $TAKI, the basic social crypto token on the Taki App, by engaging and creating content - such as writing posts or commenting. $TAKI can then be used to buy User Coins which represent the value and influence creators bring to Taki. Use $TAKI and User Coins to reward others, grow your audience and share in the ownership of Taki.
In which countries does Taki operate?
Taki is a global platform. However, we are currently not available in the United States, Belarus, Burma, China, Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Russia, Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Zimbabwe.
How can I get access to Taki?
Taki is publicly available, visit Taki.app or download the Taki app to sign up!
Which blockchain is Taki built on?
Taki is built on the Solana Blockchain.
Which platforms can we use to access Taki?
You can access Taki on desktop and mobile Web, as well as on Android.
Which different formats of content are supported on Taki?
Taki supports text, images, and GIFs. Video and other formats are coming soon.
What are Taki’s official social media links?
Is the Taki token ($TAKI) listed on any crypto exchanges? $TAKI is currently listed on OKx and Gate.io.
Where can I buy Taki tokens ($TAKI)?
$TAKI is listed and available on OKx and Gate.io. I need more help, how can I get in touch?
We are always here to help and do the best for our community users on Taki. You can head to our Discord server to seek more community support. Our moderators and admins will help and guide you.