From time-to-time, Taki may run promotional campaigns which may temporarily increase rewards or even introduce additional rewards.
Check back often for more details!

Promotional APR for Staking

For a limited time, earn a promotional APR of 100% on tokens staked for 12 weeks.
Any 12-week stake created during the promotional period will earn the promotion APR upon redemption (even if the promotional period has ended). Stakes created after the promotional period will not qualify.
Note: As a one-time bonus for trying out staking at launch we will be bumping up all existing 12 week stakes to the promotional rate.

Invite Event

This event has completed. Check back for more events later!
For a limited time, Taki will be running an invite event where users can receive a bonus 50 $TAKI each time they use up all of their invites.
An invite is considered used if someone uses your invite link to create a new, verified Taki account. The bonus $TAKI is rewarded in addition to a user's normal invite reward.
During the event; if a user has no more invites, they will automatically receive 3 additional invites after the next daily reset (0:00 UTC).
If a user receives additional invites and also uses those up, they can earn an additional bonus 50 $TAKI reward, up to a maximum of 250 bonus $TAKI during this event.
Even if the bonus reward cap is reached, users will continue receiving their normal invite reward for verified invites; and will continue receiving addition invites if they use up all of their invites.
Enjoy the event and always, tag @takihelp or @care for any questions.
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Promotional APR for Staking
Invite Event