Wallet & Token

What is Gold Taki?
Gold Taki is similar to "Like" on other social platforms. Read more on our wiki.
What is a Taki token?
$TAKI is the native token for the Taki app, but can also be taken off-app into the Solana ecosystem. Engage-to-earn rewards are distributed to users as $TAKI. Users can spend their $TAKI to send Gold Taki and buy user coins, with more features planned in the future.
How can I earn Taki tokens?
Currently, you can earn $TAKI tokens as rewards for completing tasks, staking or inviting your friends to Taki.
What is the reward for joining Taki?
After you verify your account, you will earn your first $TAKI token reward! This amount can vary depending on when you join the platform.
How can I earn more Taki tokens?
Invite your friends and receive $TAKI rewards when they sign up. You can also complete tasks and stake your $TAKI token on the platform to earn more $TAKI.
What are the Daily Rewards on Taki?
You can now unlock more Taki rewards by completing the daily tasks.
Is there any limit on buying other user’s coins on Taki?
There are no limits for buying other users' coins on Taki.
Where can I see coins I own?
You can head to your Wallet from the navigation panel and scroll down to the "Available to Trade" section.
Where can I see the real-time $ value of my coin?
On desktop, you can check the real-time value of your own coin on the left-side navigation bar. Alternatively, you can also head to your Wallet and check the value there.
Can I withdraw coins back to fiat currencies?
You can withdraw $TAKI to your Solana wallet within the Wallet section of Taki. Once $TAKI is in your own Solana wallet, you may use exchanges to convert to fiat currencies.