About Us

Kevin Chou

Kevin Chou is a 5X founder with deep crypto experience. He is the co-founder of Rally Network (~$3B USD market cap), a social token provider that enables creators and communities to build their own digital economies. He also co-founded Forte, a pioneer of end-to-end game development infrastructure on the blockchain. Prior to entering the blockchain space, Kevin co-founded and exited the gaming company Kabam for ~$1B USD in value. He is active on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Sakina Arsiwala

Sakina Arsiwala has held Product and Growth leadership positions at Nextdoor, YouTube (She took Youtube International, launched 22 countries, including India), was Product Lead on Google Search Internationally. She also co-founded a social startup that was acquired by Groupon, where she led Social Product Growth for Groupon. She loves building products that help level the playing field. Follow her on LinkedIn and Twitter.