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Token Distribution and Issuance

$TAKI will be distributed to achieve three main goals: To stimulate a vibrant community and social economy To distribute ownership to the community based on contribution To support Taki App and ecosystem development
The bulk of $TAKI emissions will go towards engage-to-earn rewards, with the aim of scaling up the circulating supply to keep pace with the growth of the Taki userbase and user demand. Engage-to-earn serves dual purposes: incentivizing positive contributions and granting $TAKI ownership to those who contribute most. App development itself will be supported by the Team endowment as well as token sales. These components will primarily benefit the Taki App social network. The out-of-app ecosystem is also an important part of Taki, and will be supported by the Ecosystem endowment. Initiatives like liquidity rewards, exchange listings, and more will be supported with this portion.
As with any social network, Taki aims to achieve viral growth, emphasizing accessibility rather than exclusivity. To this end, $TAKI will be inflationary to support engage-to-earn and ecosystem growth. The specific amount will vary depending on userbase growth and $TAKI demand, and up to the community of $TAKI owners to decide in the DAO. Numbers shown below are projections based on genesis plans. All future issuance will be controlled by the DAO via community governance (see below).
Year 4 is an important benchmark, as all genesis token lockups and vesting will complete by this time, and all genesis tokens will be in circulation. Prior to year 4, the difference between issuance total and circulating supply will be the locked Team and Investor tokens. Below is the projected $TAKI distribution by year 4.