Ecosystem Fund

The ecosystem fund is dedicated towards initiatives that will benefit the entire Taki ecosystem. In particular, high liquidity will ensure that users have easy on- and off-ramps for Taki. The ecosystem fund will support:
  • Liquidity pool rewards to incentivize DEX liquidity
  • Token bonding curve (TBC) from $sRLY to $TAKI, to provide persistent concentrated liquidity
  • DEX liquidity pool seeding to enable access to Solana ecosystem
  • CEX listings to enable access to fiat currency and other blockchains
  • Developer grants to project proposals
  • … and more!
This ecosystem fund will be supplemented by future issuance to support ongoing liquidity rewards and new initiatives as Taki evolves. Issuance details below.

Liquidity Rewards

Liquidity pools on DEXs are crucial for enabling $TAKI access to the broader Solana ecosystem. Liquidity staking rewards will enable a deeper liquidity pool and distribute $TAKI broadly by rewarding liquidity stakeholders. TAKI:USDC will be the primary incentivized pool. All pool selection and reward size decisions will be made via community governance.