Engagement is critical to a vibrant social network, and rewards for engagement are Taki’s unique edge. Engage-to-earn rewards break down into three categories:
  • Engagement
  • User Growth
  • User Coin Rewards


Daily tasks will reward basic user activity, such as posts, comments, and Gold Taki gifts. As activity grows, these rewards will shift towards community events and performance-based rewards. Engagement rewards will be roughly 60% of the engage-to-earn pool.

User Growth

To accelerate user growth, signup completion and invites will be incentivized with rewards. If organic growth is rapid enough on its own, these rewards may shift to other areas. User growth rewards will be roughly 25% of the engage-to-earn pool.

User Coin Rewards

Buying user coins of your favorite creators is a key aspect of Taki and enables you to share in their digital economy via Gold Takis and user coin ownership. Staking rewards will encourage active user communities and coin holding. User coin rewards will be roughly 15% of the engage-to-earn pool.

RLY Network Rewards

As part of our partnership with RLY Network, Taki users will receive rewards based on the breadth of users and amount of $RLY in the Taki ecosystem. These rewards will not come out of the $TAKI token distribution directly.

Ongoing Support

As Taki grows, ongoing engage-to-earn rewards are key to enabling an accessible and vibrant community. Future engage-to-earn rewards are the primary recipient of future $TAKI issuance. The volume of rewards will grow with Taki’s userbase and $TAKI demand – if the userbase grows much faster or slower than anticipated, rewards will adjust accordingly. Issuance details below.