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Future Issuance

In order to support ongoing engage-to-earn rewards and a growing user population, new tokens may be issued starting in year 2. The issuance rate in the second year will be ~30%, to be adjusted or approved by DAO governance. Future issuance will shrink as Taki matures. The initial token supply will stay fixed at 3 billion for the first year.
As a social network, Taki aims to reach a wide audience. To this end, future issuance aims to achieve three goals:
  • Social networks have the potential for rapid viral growth, and issuing more $TAKI will ensure that there is enough supply to meet potentially exponential demand. New users will always have a way to join, create value, earn and become an owner of the Taki platform.
  • As individual users wax and wane, the most active users will change over time. Taki aims to reward current active users rather than inactive early adopters, and will achieve this with a continuous supply of engage-to-earn rewards.
  • $TAKI is the token of the social network, the circulatory system to transfer value based on contribution. Issuance will encourage active usage of $TAKI, and holders will be encouraged to hold user coins rather than $TAKI.
New issuance has major implications for the Taki economy, and the ideal amount will vary depending on Taki’s growth and activity. To remain flexible to the state of Taki and align with community needs, issuance and other major economic decisions will require approval by DAO governance.