Team and Investors

A portion of the tokens have been allocated to the team and investors. Total amount of tokens dedicated here is fixed at 1.5 billion.
Team tokens will vest over 4 years with an initial 15 month lockup.
Investor tokens will vest over 2 years with an initial 12 month lockup.
The first year is crucial for Taki’s economy to establish a foothold as user growth, user coin functionality, and engage-to-earn rewards come online. To shelter Taki during this crucial time period, Investor and team tokens have 12 and 15 month lockups, respectively. The team’s full token load is protracted over 4 years to ensure their incentives are aligned with the long term health of Taki. Ownership will gradually shift to the community over time as they accumulate engage-to-earn rewards; beyond 4 years, the community should be the dominant governance decision-maker. In future years, if development needs to grow, additional team hires will be compensated from the ecosystem fund with DAO approval.


Taki's key partners are:
  • SuperLayer
  • RLY Network Association
Investors in Taki include:
  • OKX Ventures
  • Alameda Research
  • Coinbase Ventures
  • Coin DCX
  • Solana Ventures
  • Formless Capital
  • Gemini Frontier Fund
  • Luno Expeditions
  • Huobi Ventures
  • Kraken Ventures
  • Roka Works