$TAKI and User Coins

$TAKI Token

Taki, the engage-to-earn social network, will use $TAKI as the native token. $TAKI is used to send Gold Taki tips, receive rewards for creating or curating content, create/buy/sell user coins, and more. By facilitating value transfer, Taki is able to create a more engaging social network.
Economic decisions such as issuance and allocation will be made by the Taki Community DAO through community governance. See Token Distribution and Issuance for details.

User Coins

Taki users are able to create user coins that represent their social media presence on Taki. User coins enable a variety of functions on the Taki app itself, such as Gold Taki reward distribution. Half of Gold Taki earned by the user is distributed proportionally among user coin holders. In the Taki App, user coins will be tradable for $TAKI via a token bonding curve (a type of constant-function market maker). User coins are initially available on the Taki sidechain, and will eventually move on-chain to Solana. Once on-chain, user coins will be fully composable with the Solana ecosystem, extending to Etherium and other chains with wormhole support. User coins could be put on DEXs, collateralize loans, settle NFT transactions, create DAOs, or whatever novel applications arise in the rapidly evolving web3 world.
User coins can be bought and sold in app using $TAKI. Token bonding curves, a type of constant function market maker, provide always-available liquidity and a predetermined price schedule for user coins.

More to Come

Similar Taki subtokens may come in the future: hashtags, profiles, moderators, etc. Any aspect of social media that ought to be tokenized is a possibility.